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Is there a certain room or space in your
home that absolutely drives you crazy? Are you moving and feel overwhelmed by the thought of cleaning out your basement, garage or other storage area? Are you buried under all the paper that accumulates in your house? Do you just feel like there is clutter everywhere?
If you are frustrated by the clutter in your home or just need to get organized, I can help! My name is Anne Bell and I am a professional organizer. I would love to help you simplify your life! Give me a call or email me today and we can schedule a consultation to discuss your specific needs or ideas.
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Economy got you down? 
Here are just some of the ways getting organized can save you money:
  1. Don't go shopping - get your closet decluttered and organized and then shop out of your closet this season.  I bet you would be amazed at what you find!
  2. Make money by selling or consigning items you find that you don't need or want.
  3. Get all that paper and mail sorted and organized and I bet you'll find unused giftcards, coupons, and discount cards just waiting to be redeemed!
  4. Reduce your grocery bill.  Attack the pantry and you're likely to find that there's at least a week's worth of meals lurking in there behind the cereal boxes and cans of soup.
  5. Save money by not going out and spending money on things you know you have, but can't find!
  6. And, most important of all, reduce the stress!  Decluttering and getting organized will make you feel more peaceful and less stressed!
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Anne's Organizing Tip: 
Having trouble deciding what to clean out of your closet? Try this: At the beginning of each season, turn all of the hangers in your closet backwards on the rod. As you wear your clothes, put them back on the rod the normal way. Then, at the end of the season, donate or get rid of everything that is still turned backwards. Simple!
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