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"I am so grateful that I found Anne. I originally selected her because she continued to follow-up with me better than any of the other organizers I contacted, a positive sign of an organized person. I feel like I get the best end of our arrangement because she gives me 2 to 3 hours of work in every hour. She is so focused, she is the epitome of the goal-oriented person. Compound this with the fact that she is so pleasant to be with that I end up working hard along with her and having fun! Anne has accomplished what I secretly feared was not possible... to get my life in order!" - Kathy

"Anne has been helping me for over 2 years to tackle the disorganized areas of my house one gigantic mess at a time. She and I worked together to create a game and art supplies closet and we also have organized my children's bedrooms. I had no idea that addressing the chaos and being able to put things in their places would give me such peace of mind! Now, instead of focusing on the mess that I once had, I can focus on the kids---and in a much better mood! I love working with Anne! She has a positive outlook and is very efficient. I've found that, through working with Anne, it is easier for me to part with items [and she] finds creative ways to make it easier for me to clear out the excess . . . Most families have too much "stuff" for their space and downsizing some of that "stuff" is liberating! I encourage parents especially to call Anne. Getting organized makes your life a little easier every single day!" - Katrina

"Before Anne arrived at my house, I was feeling overwhelmed with my laundry room. I had such good space, but I knew I was not using it well at all. I just felt stuck...I could not seem to make myself organize it. It was not too hard, but it was literally like I felt blocked when I walked in! So, Anne came and it was AMAZING! After several bags of good will items and trash, my laundry room turned into a storage/craft/laundry room!! I also loved that she went to the stores around town and collected all the storage bins, containers, hooks, etc. to make it just perfect! I certainly did not have the time to run around everywhere, so this was a HUGE time saver!" - Tricia

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